Artwork > Mesmerism Project

This project consists of a series of photograms made on silver gelatin paper using light emitted from various modern electronic components. Taking cues from Victorian era spirit photography, I consider the seemingly magical aura of these devices and the unquestioned power they hold over us, as well as the role of analog photography in the context of the digital age.

Similar to the Industrial Revolution, the 21st Century is a period of radical and widespread technological innovation. We have become increasingly dependent on the internet and invisible transmissions of information and images via laptops, smart phones, MP3 players, and GPS units. While use of these devices has become ubiquitous and second nature to us, the way in which they actually work is still unknown to most. Moreover, the Victorians’ conflicting desires to make photographs that represent reality and photographs that represent the potential of the human imagination create a paradox that is still pertinent to image making in the 21st century as the digital age ushers in a seemingly unstoppable, increasingly faster flow of new technologies and ever more complex ideas of truth, artifice, and authority over knowledge.